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A local global graduate

Meet Jonathan Bergström, Global Graduate Program, Gimo, Sweden.

An inspirational and global culture

Meet Nicole Xu, Global Graduate Program, Stockholm, Sweden.

Give engineering a chance

Meet Jere Laitervo, Global Graduate Program, Tübingen, Germany.

A passion for sustainability

Meet Evan Larrick, Global Graduate Program participant, California, USA.

Mind power

The Sandvik Ideas Hub is an interactive way to exchange and evolve ideas across functions to boost sustainable business.

Shift towards shifts

Sandvik Coromant India has taken multiple steps to increase diversity and enable more female engineers in its workshops, ­particularly during night shifts.

Everyone matters

Production Manager Selma Klipic's leadership philosophy has brought her to the Female Leader of the Future 2021 top list.

Glass breakers

Converting from gas to electric turned out to be a more successful move than imagined for Norwegian company Glasopor.

Winners of the Sandvik Sustainability Award

The main benefit for both us and our customers is that we can use worn-out parts to produce new and hence, reduce the need for virgin material, says Anders Åkesson. Jörgen Petersson adds, This, in combination with fine-tuning our recipes for the furnace and by implementing a new way of

100 years of stainless steel manufacturing

This year, it is one hundred years since stainless steel was manufactured for the first time at Sandvik and in Sweden. After the first melting in April 1921, Sandvik started regular tube production, followed by wire and strip.

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