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Life-changing innovations

Sometimes life changes in ways you did not see coming. You had an accident and lost a limb or woke up with Parkinson’s disease or Diabetes. Or maybe you were born deaf and could not hear a sound. We want to empower people to lead their everyday lives with quality .

Living in a material world

Sandvik’s Susanne Norgren is passionate about materials. By changing a material’s properties you can change its design and ultimately the end product – creating tomorrow’s materials. So far Norgren’s work has led to more than 380 patents.

Live life like you mean it

At age 35, New Zealander Andrew Johnson was a successful lawyer, a devoted husband and father, an avid reader and keen water skier. Then out of the blue he was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. Eleven years later, Johnson has regained his quality of life thanks to deep

Waking up in silence

If Jacob Johanen’s life was a play, this would be the third act. His journey through pain and turmoil, doubt and disease resulted in self-discovery and contentment, and it was made possible by a strong will and some amazing, if tiny, technology.

Heart – and leg – of a champion

Passion, determination and a large dose of entrepreneurial spirit have allowed Mike Schultz to thrive in his career despite the loss of a limb.

A new life – with new technique and an ultra-fine wire

A tiny wire made a huge difference in young Amanda Rosengren’s quality of life, giving her the type of security, safety and freedom every teenager needs.

Sustainable E-bikes with 3D-printing and titanium

Motor nodes are one of the hardest parts to manufacture when it comes to premium electric bikes. When GSD Global turned to Sandvik to investigate the possibility of 3D printing their nodes in titanium, they were thrilled to find out that they could get a lighter, more durable – and much

Meet Dilip Chandrasekaran, Head of R&D

His first attempt to get hired didn´t succeed, but he came back with a degree and some 25 years later he is in charge of the R&D-department at Kanthal. Meet Dilip Chandrasekaran and listen to his view on leadership and on heating for a sustainable future.

Environmentally sharp knives

Craig Lockwood is obsessed with food and creating exquisite knives for some of the best restaurants in the world. The goal is to create beautiful and highly functional knives with sustainability at heart.

On the wings of change

Reducing energy consumption globally is essential to preserving the environment and keeping costs down. Compressor valve steel from Sandvik is helping reduce energy consumption one appliance at time.

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