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The future is seamless

Automated, digitalized processes and AI-enhanced decisions reduce costs and free up time to spend on adding real customer value.

Meet Marie-Soleil Lacoursiere - Global Customer Manager

Meet Sandvik podcast: The impression of the mining sector as traditional and male-dominated might deter women from joining the industry. Nothing could be more wrong according to Marie-Soleil Lacoursiere who has worked with mining customers at Sandvik for many years.

Premios a la innovación

Cada año, Sandvik concede dos premios a los empleados para estimular y recompensar los esfuerzos significativos en materia de innovación industrial.

Community programs help train the talent of tomorrow

Technical students in Zambia are getting hands-on experience with donated equipment.

Keeping track of wild rhinos

A small drill helps safeguard Zimbabwe rhinos.

Elvin Berndtsson, process engineer and student

Meet Sandvik podcast: Elvin started his own carting company at the age of 16, got an internship at Sandvik after secondary school and now combines engineering studies with a part-time job.

Electric vehicles kick into high gear

For electric vehicle manufacturers the transmission is a crucial factor in keeping motor sizes down.


<br> Creamos el cambio – Mejorando el mundo por medio de la ingeniería Tenemos una visión del futuro, impulsados por nuestra pasión por innovar continuamente para encontrar soluciones más inteligentes y permitir cambios importantes. Nuestro objetivo es impulsar a la sociedad y al planeta creando

Brian Huff, VP technology and product line at Sandvik

Meet Sandvik podcast: Brian Huff has built his entire career around electrification. Since 27 years he has worked on electric solutions for cars, boats, and now for mining vehicles.

Female engineers are building a smarter world

Female engineer Irantzu Sacristán Pérez is fulfilling her dream of making the world a smarter place, one crazy idea at a time.

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