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Meet Sandvik 2002-3.pdf

Meet Sandvik 3/02 With interim report for second quarter 2002 2 · MEET SANDVIK 3 /2002 Anja van Geijtenbeek, Dormer Tools,The Netherlands Cover picture: Anja van Geijtenbeek, age 31, is Finance Manager of the Sandvik CTT company Dormer Tools B.V., in Veenendaal, near Utrecht in the

Meet Sandvik 2003-3.pdf

Best in class Productivity as guiding star Continued focus on profitable growth Research in new environment News from Sandvik’s world MeetSandvik N OV E M B E R 2 0 0 3 2 • M E E T S A N DV I K 3 / 0 3 Cover profile Lourdes Caceres is Managing Director of the Sandvik Mining and

Meet Sandvik 2004-2.pdf

Record quarter Productivity as guiding star Focus on growth News from Sandvik’s world Sandvik in China Did you know that … ? MeetSandvik S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 4 Meet Sandvik The Sandvik Group’s magazine for shareholders and employees Address: Sandvik AB, Group Staff Communications,

Meet Sandvik 2005-3.pdf

MeetSandvik N OV E M B E R 2 0 0 5 Continued growth – increased profit Focus on customer value Productivity as a guiding star Sandvik in China Oil/gas industry Address: Sandvik AB, Group Communications, SE-811 81 Sandviken, Sweden info.group@sandvik.com Editor-in-Cheif:

Meet Sandvik 2006-1.pdf

J U N E 2 0 0 6 MeetSandvik Strong development – global expansion Industrivärden in focus Productivity at top level Annual General Meeting News from Sandvik’s world 23691-SAK407_MS1_06_ENG 5/29/06 9:06 AM Page 1 Address: Sandvik AB, Group Staff Communications, SE-811 81

Meet Sandvik 2008-3.pdf

1))87%2(:-/ ˆ Meet Sandvik DECEMBER 2008 In Japan, only the best is good enough Nickel – the irreplaceable metal Trade shows where contacts are made Smart solutions lift aerospace industry ˆ 1))87%2(:-/ +2 016 6 -1 9 +29 15 +20 10 +18 44 Third quarter

Meet Sandvik 2014_1.pdf

• growth: Going the extra mile • on top: Sustainability efforts • brazil: A well-established market • on the edge: Passion for steel • going green: Increasing renewable energy sources Solutions for oil and gas excavation in hard- to-reach places. page 6. meetSandvik ph o to : 1 2 3 R


1 Annual general meeting 26 april 2007 Lars Pettersson President and CEO Ladies and gentlemen! Dear shareholders! In recent years, Sandvik has developed at an increasingly fast pace, based on strong demand from the market as well as through successful work by the Group’s employees. In today

CEO_AGM_Speech 2006.pdf

1 Annual General Meeting 2 May 2006 Lars Pettersson President and CEO Ladies and gentlemen! Dear shareholders ! The film that we have just seen was brief look at how we work in Eastern Europe, where we have had considerable success for many years. With this film I introduce my main theme for

Sustainability report 2007.pdf

82 · SUSTAINABIL ITY REPORT Sustainability report Since the foundation of Sandvik in 1862, sustainable development has been an important part of the Group’s business. The balance between fi nancial success, respect for the environment and the health and safety of employees has

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