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Meet Sandvik 2002-2.pdf

Meet Sandvik 2/02 With interim report for first quarter 2002 10156lt-SAK346_MS_2/02 ENG NY 02-05-23 10.01 Sida 1 2 · MEET SANDVIK 2 /2002 Lars Pettersson, new President and CEO Cover: Following the 2002 Annual General Meeting, Lars Pettersson is the new Presi- dent and CEO of

Meet Sandvik 2002-3.pdf

Meet Sandvik 3/02 With interim report for second quarter 2002 2 · MEET SANDVIK 3 /2002 Anja van Geijtenbeek, Dormer Tools,The Netherlands Cover picture: Anja van Geijtenbeek, age 31, is Finance Manager of the Sandvik CTT company Dormer Tools B.V., in Veenendaal, near Utrecht in the

Meet Sandvik 2003-3.pdf

Best in class Productivity as guiding star Continued focus on profitable growth Research in new environment News from Sandvik’s world MeetSandvik N OV E M B E R 2 0 0 3 2 • M E E T S A N DV I K 3 / 0 3 Cover profile Lourdes Caceres is Managing Director of the Sandvik Mining and

Meet Sandvik 2004-2.pdf

Record quarter Productivity as guiding star Focus on growth News from Sandvik’s world Sandvik in China Did you know that … ? MeetSandvik S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 4 Meet Sandvik The Sandvik Group’s magazine for shareholders and employees Address: Sandvik AB, Group Staff Communications,

Meet Sandvik 2005-3.pdf

MeetSandvik N OV E M B E R 2 0 0 5 Continued growth – increased profit Focus on customer value Productivity as a guiding star Sandvik in China Oil/gas industry Address: Sandvik AB, Group Communications, SE-811 81 Sandviken, Sweden info.group@sandvik.com Editor-in-Cheif:

Meet Sandvik 2006-1.pdf

J U N E 2 0 0 6 MeetSandvik Strong development – global expansion Industrivärden in focus Productivity at top level Annual General Meeting News from Sandvik’s world 23691-SAK407_MS1_06_ENG 5/29/06 9:06 AM Page 1 Address: Sandvik AB, Group Staff Communications, SE-811 81

Meet Sandvik 2008-3.pdf

1))87%2(:-/ ˆ Meet Sandvik DECEMBER 2008 In Japan, only the best is good enough Nickel – the irreplaceable metal Trade shows where contacts are made Smart solutions lift aerospace industry ˆ 1))87%2(:-/ +2 016 6 -1 9 +29 15 +20 10 +18 44 Third quarter

Meet Sandvik 2014_1.pdf

• growth: Going the extra mile • on top: Sustainability efforts • brazil: A well-established market • on the edge: Passion for steel • going green: Increasing renewable energy sources Solutions for oil and gas excavation in hard- to-reach places. page 6. meetSandvik ph o to : 1 2 3 R

French version.pdf

N u m éro ANNive rs Ai r e Meet Sandvik Le magazine du groupe Sandvik pour LeS actionnaireS et LeS empLoyéS. janvier 2012 Les pionniers d'hier Les héros d'aujourd'hui Les défis de demain 2 • meet sandvik 150 year anniverSary Certaines étapes sont propices aux bilans. on

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