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Hundreds of projects save energy

Improved energy efficiency and productivity save money, while also reducing environmental impact and carbon dioxide emissions.
Strip production plant.

Sandvik service agreement boosts productivity in China

A remote Chinese mine reduced costs and improved productivity with the help of a new service agreement.
A person wearing safety equipment.

A new generation of talent on board

Engineering and business graduates from across the world join up to push the boundaries in digital development and automation.

Solar car crossed the finish line

Solar-powered students travelled 3000 km across the Australian desert in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Partnership benefits communities

Technology students of the NGO Engineers Without Borders provide sustainable solutions for energy and water supply in Africa.
Sara Svensson and Rasmus Lundvik from Engineers Without Borders at the The Institute of Technology at Linköping University, Sweden, are upgrading the power system at a girls’ school in Chonyonyo, Tanzania.

Electrifying opportunity for the automotive industry

The rise of hybrid technology represents a huge opportunity for suppliers to the automotive industry, experts say.

Data: The next great resource

Data has become a valuable resource, as advances in technology are transforming industries across the world.

Digital tools make a big difference

Increased connectivity and cloud-based solutions reduce costs, enhance productivity and manage variability in many industries.

Diversity for successful business

Diversity brings perspectives and experiences that are necessary for continued success in a globalized world.

A goldmine for ideas

The opportunities to mining and manufacturing presented by digitalization require skills found in unexpected places.

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