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A goldmine for ideas

The opportunities to mining and manufacturing presented by digitalization require skills found in unexpected places.

Digital deployment creates USD 100 billion in value

Deployment of digital technologies is expected to create as much as USD 100 billion value to resource-producing companies by 2035.

Supporting education in India

Going to school is the best start in life there is. Sandvik in India ensures that more children are given such a start.

Satisfying a French appetite for innovation

The early-adopter philosophy made French company SMPL an invaluable product-testing partner for innovations in tooling.

What creates a culture of innovation?

“Working with the latest technology to solve challenges that no one has ever really solved before, that keeps us interested and motivated to work at Sandvik.”
Jarkko Ruokojärvi at the glass labyrinth.

Twenty years of self-driving without a single accident involving people

Sandvik’s automated loaders and trucks have been working in real mines for over 20 years with zero accidents involving people.
Glass labyrinth

Global goals create business opportunities

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are having a profound impact on how many companies, including Sandvik, do business.

Enabling digital manufacturing

In a connected manufacturing world, continuous measurements cut lead times and reduce scrap. Here’s the technology behind it.
Mterologic robot

Helping a neighbor in need

When a rainstorm devastated a local school in rural Ghana, Sandvik helped rebuild it. “We really appreciate the new facility.”
Ghana School

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