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Supporting the future

The local Sandvik office in Zambia helped refurbish a school in the area after a cholera outbreak

Sandvik wire helped a 258-gram baby survive

When Toshiko Sekino gave birth to a baby boy after only 24 weeks, Exera® fine medical wire from Sandvik played a crucial role in his recovery.

AI supports agile working methods

AI solutions are helping redefine customer and supplier relationships.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and digital technologies are transforming industries, business models and partnerships. Sandvik is leading the way.

New challenges underground

Advanced analytical cognitive data processing offers mining customers a more complete view of their operations.

AI creates a new industrial age

AI and big data are revolutionizing industry in more ways than you know.

Increased efficiency through production analysis

The research project Swedish Metal is using big data, AI and machine learning to more efficiently and sustainably produce steel.

Sandvik creates first 3D printed diamond composite

Sandvik has created the first ever 3D printed diamond composite, opening up a vast range of application possibilities.

Materials shape civilizations

Materials such as bronze and iron have defined historic periods and changed our world. What will tomorrow’s world be built from?

Taking flight with titanium

With materials that are so light and strong they can be described as out of this world, we explore space and fly on less fuel.

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