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Meet Irantzu Sacristan Perez, R&D Engineer

Meet Sandvik podcast: Irantzu means it's of vital importance to be a technology leader and to be creative every day.

Meet Sara McManus, Team Hasselborg

Sara McManus used to be a Sandvik employee hunting for talented summer workers. Now she wears the Sandvik colors on her hunt for gold medals on the ice.

Meet Mats W Lundberg, Sustainability Expert

Meet Sandvik podcast: Find out what Mats believes it takes to make the shift towards more sustainable business and to drive sustainability in the materials industry.

Meet Lukasz Tracewski, Data Scientist

Meet Sandvik podcast: Lukasz and his team of data scientists have the task to figure out the smart solutions needed in the manufacturing industry of tomorrow.

Meet Ulrika Wedberg, Head of Sustainable Business

Meet Sandvik podcast: Ulrika Wedberg talks about Sandvik's 2030 sustainability goals and what is critical for success.


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Will hydrogen fuel cells power the future?

Hydrogen fuel cells are powering a cleaner future. Advanced production and coating technology from Sandvik make the fuel cell plates more durable and efficient compared with other methods of production.

A true and sanitary pursuit

Sandvik and Engineers Without Borders are working with a local group in Tanzania to construct sustainable and user-friendly toilet facilities.

Sustainable business comes full circle

The circular economy model is gaining momentum as a viable way to combat climate change.

5G - Next generation technology

It has been created to meet and surpass the massive growth of data and connectivity of IoT, changing today’s reality and paving the way for tomorrow.

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