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Just a minute... with Angélica Gonzáles

Take a canoe ride and get to know Global Project Manager Angélica Gonzáles. It will take just a minute…

Illuminating the way forward with digital manufacturing

To address modern challenges throughout manufacturing, Sandvik has created the Lighthouse program.

Machine learning in the digital age

Different types of machine learning technology helped save Sandvik division Dormer Pramet from an operational standstill.

Favorable financing through sustainability excellence

When Sandvik renewed and upsized its revolving credit facility, sustainability came to play a significant role.

Recognizing women's contribution to the mining industry

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions in West Africa introduced a gender diversity program in 2018.

Experiencia e innovación

Somos un equipo global de pioneros de la ingeniería unidos por una fuerte creencia en la innovación de soluciones más inteligentes para ayudar a nuestros clientes a ser más eficientes y sostenibles.

Digital transformation of the manufacturing industry

To be in the forefront of the manufacturing industry, corporations need to adapt to the ongoing digital transformation.


Nuestras innovaciones tienen un impacto significativo en procesos vitales en industrias como la minería, la infraestructura, la industria aeroespacial y la automotriz.

Listen to the choir

Kitty Yu’s career – from a Canto nese pop music duo to law school to a global career in corporate transactions – brings diverse experience to her new position as Head of Group M&A at Sandvik.

Delivering on the shift to growth

Sandvik is raising the bar with a 7 percent growth target over a business cycle.

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