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Attachment D – Auditor's statement on guidelines for remuneration.pdf

Translation from the Swedish original ABCD Auditor’s opinion under Chapter 8 Section 54 of the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551) as to whether the guidelines of the annual general meeting on the remuneration of senior executives have been followed To the annual general

Meet Sandvik 2000-1.pdf

Meet Sandvik 1/00 Research and development is one of the driving forces behind the Sandvik Group’s successes. A total of 1,200 highly qualified specialists around the world work within R&D. One of them is Malin Mårtensson (cover photo) who was hired recently by Sandvik. She works with more

Meet Sandvik 2000-3.pdf

Meet Sandvik 3/00 K I- 3 /0 0 E N G / E H R E N S T R Å H L E & C O / S A N D V IK E N S T R Y C K E R I A three-day Groupwide management conference, “Sandvik Leadership 2000,” with approximately 300 par- ticipants from all parts of the world, was held in the

Meet Sandvik 2001-1.pdf

Meet Sandvik 1/01 With interim report three months ended 31 March 2001 2 · MEET SANDVIK 1 /2001 First female Vice President Cover photo: New member in Sandvik's Group Executive Management Tom Erixon, 40, has been appointed man- ager of a newly established Group staff, Corporate Business

Meet Sandvik 2004-1.pdf

In the right direction Productivity as guiding star The positive spiral News from Sandvik’s world Annual General Meeting MeetSandvik J U N E 2 0 0 4 New head of Sandvik Tamrock product area Arto Metsänen is President of Sandvik Tamrock, the largest product area within the Sandvik Mining

Meet Sandvik 2005-1.pdf

J U N E 2 0 0 5 MeetSandvik Strong quarter Shareholder value Team leader Productivity Annual General Meeting Address: Sandvik AB, Group Communications, SE-811 81 Sandviken, Sweden info.group@sandvik.com Editor-in-Cheif: Per-Henrik Bergek Layout: Ehrenstråhle BBDO Printing: Sandvikens

English version.pdf

A n n iversAry ed it io n Meet Sandvik The Sandvik Group’S maGazine for ShareholderS and employeeS january 2012 Yesterday's pioneers Today's heroes Tomorrow's challenges 2 • meet sandvik 150 year anniverSary Certain milestones offer a natural point for stopping to look at

Russian version.pdf

ю билейное изд ан и е Meet Sandvik журнал Sandvik Group для акционеров и сотрудников январь 2012 Вчерашние первопроходцы Сегодняшние герои Завтрашние вызовы 2 • meet Sandvik 150 year anniverSary есть вехи, которые служат естественным поводом, чтобы остановиться и подвести итоги

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