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Training the talent of tomorrow

Technical students in Zambia are getting hands-on experience with donated equipment.

The future is seamless

Automated, digitalized processes and AI-enhanced decisions reduce costs and free up time to spend on adding real customer value.

Meet Marie-Soleil Lacoursiere - Global Customer Manager

Meet Sandvik podcast: The impression of the mining sector as traditional and male-dominated might deter women from joining the industry. Nothing could be more wrong according to Marie-Soleil Lacoursiere who has worked with mining customers at Sandvik for many years.

A string of acquisitions

Since spring 2021 Sandvik has signed agreements to acquire several companies in strategic growth areas.

Driving safety underground

With the acquisition of DSI Underground, Sandvik will continue to work toward increasing safety underground.

New heights for new materials

In developing advanced tools for machining aerospace components, sometimes all you need is a simple microscope.

The Holy Grail of tool management

What does an imaginary creature from 1950s German literature have in common with a tool data management system of today?

With the climate in mind

Teams across Sandvik are undertaking hundreds of projects that are helping the company reach net-zero emissions.

Stefan Widing, President and CEO

Meet Sandvik podcast: Sandvik has signed up for the Science Based Targets initiative and committed to net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Keeping track of wild rhinos

A small drill helps safeguard Zimbabwe rhinos.

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