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Elvin Berndtsson, process engineer and student

Meet Sandvik podcast: Elvin Berndtsson started his own carting company at the age of 16, got an internship at Sandvik after secondary school and now combines engineering studies with a part-time job.

A higher gear

For electric vehicle manufacturers the transmission is a crucial factor in keeping motor size down.


<br> Creamos el cambio – Mejorando el mundo por medio de la ingeniería Tenemos una visión del futuro, impulsados por nuestra pasión por innovar continuamente para encontrar soluciones más inteligentes y permitir cambios importantes. Nuestro objetivo es impulsar a la sociedad y al planeta creando

Brian Huff, VP technology and product line at Sandvik

Meet Sandvik podcast: Brian Huff has built his entire career around electrification. Since 27 years he has worked on electric solutions for cars, boats, and now for mining vehicles.

Building a smarter world

Irantzu Sacrist&aacute;n P&eacute;rez is fulfilling her dream of making the world a smarter place, one crazy idea at a time.

Henrik Ager, President of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions

Meet Sandvik podcast: Electrification is one of the biggest technology shifts in mining, along with digitalization and automation.

Technology enabling electrification journey

The momentum for mining electrification rides on a technology development that is set to accelerate rapidly, enabling substantial benefits for the industry.

Rethinking the entire machine

Reaching the full potential of mining electrification will require rethinking the fundamentals of mine equipment design.

The mine of the future is electric

&ldquo;In a couple of years electric equipment will be part of pretty much every contract,&rdquo; says Henrik Ager, President of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

Counting every drop

As part of her thesis program, Tove Engvall analyzed how collecting rainwater can help optimize production processes.

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