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Johan Kerstell

Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources

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Accessibility goals All information and all services published on this site should be accessible and usable for all, regardless of any disability you may have and regardless of which web browser or operating system you use. If you find something on the site that is difficult to use, we would

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How to search Type one or more words into the search field and click the search button. The search result, a list of documents containing the search phrase, will be shown. The search phrase Searching for a single word sometimes result in a very long list of matching documents. To narrow down the

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Material contained on the Site are provided by Sandvik AB (publ), reg. no. 556000-3468, Box 510, SE-101 30 Stockholm, Sweden ("Sandvik").

Anders Svensson

President of the Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions business area

Åsa Thunman

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Jessica Alm

Executive Vice President and Head of Group Communications and Sustainability

Proposals from shareholders (item 17).pdf

Sandvik AB Bo Severin Koncernstab Juridik Box 510 101 Stockholm To the Board and Annual General Meeting of Sandvik The development of Sandvik’s value has been very poor during 2013. The owners have seen the share value decrease by more than 12 percent equivalent to approx. 15.7

Attachment B – Agenda.pdf

AGENDA 1. Opening of the Meeting. 2. Election of Chairman of the Meeting. 3. Preparation and approval of the voting list. 4. Election of one or two persons to verify the minutes. 5. Approval of the agenda. 6. Examination of whether the Meeting has been

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