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The Board's proposal for redemption

The Board of Directors' of Sandvik AB proposal for an automatic redemption procedure, including (A.) change of the Articles of Association, (B.) share split, (C.) reduction of the share capital for repayment to the shareholders, and (D.) increase of the share capital by way of a bonus issue, etc.

Agenda items

The Annual General Meeting of Sandvik AB will be held at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, 3 May 2011 in Sandviken, Sweden.

Shareholder proposal

Non-official translation To the Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting of Sandvik It is hereby proposed that the business area Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) should be distributed to Sandvik's shareholders and listed on the stock exchange. Reasons: Sandvik Materials Technology is the

The Board's proposal for guidelines

The Board of Directors' of Sandvik AB proposal for guidelines for remuneration to Chief Executives

Proposals and statements

The Nomination Committee's for Sandvik AB proposal for the Annual General Meeting 2007

The Board's and auditor's statements

The Board of Directors' statement pursuant to Chapter 18, Section 4 and Chapter 20, Section 8 of the Swedish Companies Act

Articles of association

This is a non-official translation of the Swedish original wording. In case of differences between the English translation and the Swedish original the Swedish text shall prevail. Articles of association of Sandvik Aktiebolag Reg. No 556000-3468 § 1 The name of the company is Sandvik Aktiebolag.