Thesis project: Sustainable manufacturing – Green factory

Sandvik Coromant in Gimo, Sweden offers a thesis project within the area of sustainable manufacturing from an energy consumption perspective.


Sandvik Coromant in Gimo is a world leader in the manufacture of cemented carbide tools for turning, milling and drilling in metallic materials. With around 1500 employees, it is also Uppsala County's largest private employer.

The production in Gimo is divided into two factories, one for the manufacture of cemented carbide inserts and one for tool holders. Both factories are world leaders in their respective field and an example of this is that the tool factory was recognized as one of the world's 16 'Lighthouse' manufacturers by the World Economic Forum in 2018.

Our biggest customers are the metal, automotive and aerospace industries, and we aim to meet the market's increased demands for new products with precision and durability.

Background and scope of the project

The production in Gimo is working with cutting edge technology for the manufacturing of our products. We constantly need to adapt to new technologies and find more efficient ways to produce our tools. It is not only digitalization and technology that is important within Sandvik Coromant, sustainability is also one of our main concerns.

Already in 2017, a sustainability initiative was started at Sandvik Coromant in Gimo, which was founded in a request to be able to 'Swan-label' the factory. Since there was no tool on the market that covered everything we wanted, we created our own tool; Green Factory & Sustainable Facilities or 'Green Factory' in short.

We have a need to understand what affects energy consumption most in our manufacturing processes, such as the use of compressed air and cutting fluids, as well as machine and method choices in order to be able to prioritize improvement areas.

Work description

  • From a sustainability perspective, do a study of energy consumption in a modern industry.
  • Specifically map the energy consumption in the tool manufacturing processes at the Gimo Tools plant.
  • Create comparable measurement figures for the various energy sources of the machines as well as suggestions for calculation models.
  • Develop a model for how to calculate the total energy cost for manufacturing a certain product item in a product family.
  • Based on a survey, develop guidelines for future investments and the need for method development.

We intend to have a diagnostic and design phase with short and long-term recommendations.

The outcome of the project should be reported in a written report and a presentation.

Student background

Does it sound exciting to work on projects and find new sustainable and efficient solutions for our manufacturing processes? Do you enjoy the atmosphere of high technological environments and are you passionate about taking the initiative for improvement? Then you can be the person we are looking for!

We believe this thesis project is suitable as a Master thesis or Bachelor thesis for two students, within the field of Energy/Sustainable Energy Engineering in cooperation with Mechanical Engineering.

At Sandvik Coromant, we believe that diversity of experience, perspective and background leads to a better environment for our employees, our business and our customers. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


The work consists of 20 or 30 credits (weeks) and is planned to start in January 2020.

Contact persons

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Malin Åhrlin, phone: +46 70 258 60 27, email:

The selection is done continuously. Please send us your application as soon as possible, but no later than 31 December 2019.

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