Master thesis: Optimization of high-temperature sensors

Business area Sandvik Materials Technology offers a Master thesis in its Tube division on the behavior of next-generation sensors in the monitoring of industrial processes. The position is placed in Sandviken, Sweden.

Background and purpose

Sandvik has recently developed a sensor-based tube system, also known as SentusysTM. It is used for in-process, on-line monitoring of industrial processes and is well-suited for hazardous environments. The product is currently being evaluated by a selected number of prospective customers and we are also developing the next generation of sensors, which will offer enhanced functionality and the ability to accurately measure a wide assortment of physical parameters.

In the context of deploying next-generation sensors, several aspects need to be addressed. The electromagnetic characteristics are very important for establishing the performance of a particular sensor with regard to the accuracy, long-term stability and possible failure modes. These findings will dictate which process technologies will be chosen for future industrial-scale sensor production.

Work description

The intention of this Master thesis is to gain more knowledge regarding how next-generation sensors behave in anticipated conditions. For example, a sensor could be tailored to measure temperature or vibrations in a thermal industrial process. The experimental part of this work would encompass electrical measurements, theoretical modeling and statistical analysis of measurement data. Depending on the findings, the work might also deal with the correlation of sensor production parameters with measurement data.

Student background

This assignment would be suitable for students (M. Sc.) in fields such as Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Signal Processing, Technical or Industrial Metrology. Students from alternate disciplines may also be considered if the appropriate knowledge has been acquired elsewhere. We actively work to create a workplace that is characterized by diversity and inclusion.


This thesis project lasts 20 weeks, starting as soon as possible. The position is placed in Sandviken, Sweden.


For more information about the thesis project or to apply, please contact:

Gustaf Sjöblom, Senior Engineer, phone:+46 26 269535

Erika Hedblom, Manager, phone: +46 26 264362

The selection is done continuously. Please send us your application as soon as possible, 31 May 2020 at the latest.

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