Слесарь по обслуживанию и ремонту оборудования


  • Sista ansökningsdag: Ej angett
  • Land: Kazakhstan
  • Plats: Karaganda
  • Jobb-ID: R0011827
  • Jobbkategori: Tillverkning
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Under general direction, responsible for the setup, calibration, and operation of machines used in production processes.
Follows established procedures for operating various conventional and/or CNC (computerized numerical control) manufacturing equipment.
Selects and measures raw materials and parts to specifications to prepare for production processing.
Resolves issues related to the organization's production, machinery, processing and/or packaging operations.
Inspects machining operations and finished product against specified tolerances using precision measuring tools.
Determines and corrects minor machine malfunctions and performs simple routine maintenance and cleaning.
Safety and housekeeping (5S) requirements.

Sista ansökningsdag: Ej angett
Jobb-ID: R0011827

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