Meet Stefan Widing, President and CEO

Who is Stefan Widing, and what´s his initial thought on the new position at Sandvik? In this episode of the podcast you will get to know the new President and CEO of Sandvik.

In the new episode of Meet Sandvik, you will meet Stefan Widing, President and CEO of Sandvik as of 1 February 2020. He joins Sandvik after spending 14 years at Assa Abloy, meaning he´s more than familiar with working in a decentralized organization.

“I come from a company organized in a decentralized way, and for me, it´s the obvious way to manage a company like Sandvik,” he says.
No revolution is to be expected according to Stefan, rather evolution and continued focus on capturing the possibilities that come with technological and digital development.
“It´s often not the technology that is the difficult part, the big challenge is new ways of working and understanding the customer journey and customer experience. It´s about the entire corporate ecosystem and the business models.”
In the podcast, Stefan also elaborates on his initial impressions of Sandvik, on his preparations ahead of the new role and on the preferred taste when it comes to music.

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