Generic Finance


  • 期日: 16 5
  • 国: Spain
  • 勤務地: San Fernando De Henares
  • ジョブID: R0026988
  • ジョブカテゴリ: 財務


  • Ensure general accounting is managed in accordance with accounting principles and comply with all relevant regulations, laws, and standards.

  • Ensure compliance with IFRS, local legislation and Sandvik processes and regulations in the general accounting area.


  • Is responsible for developing the ways of working in the general accounting area.

  • Review financial reports and accounting statements to ensure their accuracy.

  • Provide technical expertise and advice to functional or operational areas managers to help them develop revenue and expense budgets, understand financial reports, and manage their financial responsibilities.

  • Performs general accounting activities, including the preparation, maintenance and reconciliation of ledger accounts and financial statements such as balance sheets, profit-and-loss statements and capital expenditure schedules.

  • Prepares, records, analyzes and reports accounting transactions and ensures the integrity of accounting records for completeness, accuracy and compliance with accepted accounting policies and principles.

  • Provides financial support, including forecasting, budgeting and analyzing variations from budget.

  • Analyzes and prepares statutory accounts, financial statements and reports.

  • Relationship with internal or external auditors and with any public or tax authority requiring any accounting or tax information.


  • 10 years of professional experience. 3-5 years of experience in similar positions, in auditing and/or coordination of accounting teams or other related profession.

  • Accounting, financial, legal and tax knowledge under international accounting standards and international financial reporting standards.


  • University degree in ADE or equivalent.

  • Preferable Master's degree in accounting, administrative, financial or auditing management.


  • Knowledge of accounting software, ERP, advanced Excel

  • Be fluent in English

  • Good planning & organizing skills

  • Capacity for analysis and synthesis. Attention to detail.

  • Initiative & Teamwork

  • Ability to work across borders and in virtual environment

  • Relevant level of independency and proactive approach

  • Be able to drive projects according to set purpose / objectives

期日: 16 5
ジョブID: R0026988