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  • Date limite : Non défini(e)
  • Pays : Kazakhstan
  • Localisation : Zhezkazgan
  • ID de poste : R0026935
  • Catégorie d'emploi : Fabrication
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  • Mechanical or Electrical maintenance operations.
  • Analyze, prepare, plan and carry out small to medium sized improvements on machines and equipment (major sized improvements if necessary).
  • If necessary order and take lead on actions performed by contractors.
  • Preventive maintenance, perform corrective actions, supports planning and preparation, monitors outcome, documentation (outcome, root cause, time, improvements).
  • Work in accordance with standard operating procedures.
  • Achievement of maintenance targets.
  • Follow quality and cleanliness standards.
  • Communication of operational status and any deviations.
  • Safety and housekeeping (5S) requirements.
  • Continuous improvements and development on a personal and operational level.
  • Specific or expert competence within a specific area.

Date limite : Non défini(e)
ID de poste : R0026935

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