Shift to growth


Sandvik aims to grow organically and through acquisitions. The manufacturing industry and the mining industry are both facing a shift towards digitalization that will drive productivity and sustainability. Solid round tools is a growth market where Sandvik aims to increase its presence.

Sandvik continue to add solutions to help the digitalization in mining.

Kitty Yu’s career – from a Cantonese pop music duo to law school to a global career in corporate transactionsbrings diverse experience to her new position as Head of Group M&A at Sandvik.

Developments in machining technology, materials and market needs are making round tools an increasingly attractive choice for machining solutions.

CNC Software’s first software was called ”Meghan,” named after the founder’s daughter. Now Meghan West runs the company.

Digitalized manufacturing enables a closed-loop production that results in increased efficiency, less waste and improved quality.

To be in the forefront of the manufacturing industry, corporations need to adapt to the ongoing digital transformation.


Meet Sandvik podcast: Meghan West is the CEO of CNC Software, a US-based company Sandvik acquired in 2021

Meet Sandvik podcast: Christophe Sut is heading up a part of Sandvik that is expected to grow substantially in coming years.


Johannes Hellström
Corporate Communications Press and Media Relations