Furnace products and heating systems

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Our electric heating technology products are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, contributing to more energy-efficient and reliable heating processes.


Combined with an extensive range of technical services, we help customers optimize their heat treatment processes or even find new heating solutions. The result is increased productivity as well as improved end-product quality.

Examples of products

  • Heating elements (MoSi2, SiC and metallic)
  • Resistance heating wire and strip
  • Diffusion cassettes
  • Air heaters
  • Furnaces tubes

Typical application areas

  • Heat treatment
  • Solar cell production
  • Semiconductor production
  • Production of aluminium, steel, ceramics and glass
  • Appliances

Lower emissions with electrical furnaces

By converting from fossil gas furnaces to electrical furnaces companies can lower their CO2 and NOx emissions significantly. Our on-site evaluation service provides calculation models, reports and recommendations that help companies start their conversion journey.

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