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Two collaborative robots, so-called cobots.
10 May 2017 , Feature

Intelligent cobots will soon join traditional industrial robots on the factory floor, making the vision of man and machine working side by side a reality.

Two operators at the Tampere center.
9 May 2017 , News

Sandvik establishes a global rock drill competence and development center at its site in Tampere, Finland. The new center will drive the development for rock drills used in underground and surface drilling applications.

Nine Sandvik employees.
5 May 2017 , Feature

In an era when successful innovation is a prerequisite for success, it is more crucial than ever for companies to learn to harness their entrepreneurial spirit.

3 May 2017 , News

Today, business area Sandvik Materials Technology launches a portal for open innovation, where partners are invited to solve challenging problems.

27 Apr 2017 , News

Team awarded the “Wilhelm Haglund Medal to the Product Developer of the Year” for the development of materials that can cope with extremely high temperatures.

Tomas Berglund and Martin Östlund
26 Apr 2017 , Feature

Sandvik and MAN Diesel & Turbo in collaboration on critical component for dual-fuel marine engines, reducing emissions from large cargo vessels.

10 Apr 2017 , Feature

The new turning method PrimeTurning™ is an innovation with potential to redefine the art of turning completely.

3 Apr 2017 , Feature

Software services in the metalworking sector are expected to quadruple by 2025, making the business potential for software just as big as for tools. That’s good news for Sandvik, which is among the first to introduce a series of connected tools to the market.

An airplane engine.
29 Mar 2017 , Feature

Sandvik is always looking at other successful companies for inspiration and lessons to be learned. One example is General Electric, a Sandvik customer and industrial giant which has found a way to adapt the startup mentality to its development processes and way of working.

Anders Hoel and children at the British International School of Stockholm.
15 Mar 2017 , Feature

Committed to developing the next generation compressor valve steel, Sandvik has reached out to young school children as well as global appliance manufacturer Electrolux to collect their visions of the future.

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