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11 Oct 2013 , Feature

It is often said that innovation is a prerequisite for the survival of companies in general, and for companies competing globally in specific. What are the fundamentals behind this statement?

23 Sep 2013 , Feature

Besides dealing with a global economic downturn, Sandvik in India had to cope with slowing economic growth and inflation in 2012. Still, the outlook is bright.

1 Jun 2013 , Feature

Sandvik is one of the world's most innovative companies, with more than 8,000 patents and a steady stream of research and development activities. One challenge is to protect the brand and the trademark.

1 Dec 2012 , Feature

Innovation is strong at Sandvik. In 2012, 200 researchers from all five business areas met and were challenged to imagine innovations that would drive the company's growth.

1 Dec 2012 , Feature

December 2012: At the international MINExpo trade show in Las Vegas, USA, Sandvik launched several products which introduced new technology to the industry.

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