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10 Jul 1997 , Press release

Sandvik has acquired the manufacturing and sales organization of Drillmaster, an American company.

19 Jun 1997 , Press release

Sandvik has entered into an agreement covering the acquisition of the American company Precision Twist Drill Co. which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of twist drills.

13 Jun 1997 , Press release

Sandvik has today, for a total consideration of SEK 895 M, purchased all of Trustor's 3,227,600 shares and 1,190,394 warrants in Kanthal AB, representing 517,500 A shares and 2,710,100 B shares, and 703,655 warrants that each entitle the holder to subscribe for one A share in Kanthal and 486,739 warrants that each entitle the holder to subscribe for one B share in Kanthal.

10 Jun 1997 , Press release

On 9 June 1997, Sandvik AB acquired an additional 1,830,400 B shares in Kanthal AB from a number of institutional owners.

9 Jun 1997 , Press release

At an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 9 June 1997 the General Meeting resolved to reduce Sandvik's share capital through a redemption of 20,288,090 shares.

30 May 1997 , Press release

The Board of Directors of Sandvik AB has decided, with authorisation by the Annual General Meeting on 6 May 1997 to increase the company's share capital through a new issue of 507,710 series A shares, without shareholders' preferential rights.

23 May 1997 , Press release

On 14 April 1997, Sandvik announced a redemption proposal to an amount of SEK 4,000 M with an application period for the shareholders during the period 7 May to 22 May 1997.

6 May 1997 , Press release

In his address to the shareholders at Sandvik AB's Annual General Meeting on 6 May, 1997, Chief Executive Officer Clas Åke Hedström commented on the 1996 fiscal year.

14 Apr 1997 , Press release

Prior to the Annual General Meeting in Sandvik AB on 6 May 1997, a proposal for the following Board of Directors will be submitted:

26 Mar 1997 , Press release

Sandvik, which has held a 55% interest in UK steel distributor RGB since 1994, has acquired the balance of the shares outstanding and is now the sole owner of the company.

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