Inserts, analyzed down to the atom


In 1942, Wilhelm Haglund was entrusted with the task of investing time and money in a production unit for cemented-carbide tools. The result transformed the metal-cutting industry. Since then, Sandvik Coromant has developed several generations of inserts, coatings and geometries.

The very first Wilhelm Haglund medal was awarded to Lars Pettersson and Jörgen Wiman in 1986. Their invention was a new insert geometry with an unusually wide application area, yet with a high performance.

“The QM geomety is still a very popular geometry,” says Mia Pålsson, Product Manager, Turning, at product area Sandvik Coromant. “If you don’t know what geometry to use, you can always rely on this one.”

Taming atoms

Other groundbreaking Sandvik Coromant innovations from the past include the wiper geometry and the indexable insert plunge drill Coromant-U®. “When all your competitors want to market their own wiper or U-drill, you know that you’ve succeeded with an invention,” she says.

We are there for our customers. Helping them to succeed must always be our goal.

Today Sandvik Coromant is taming atoms. With the new technology Inveio™, Sandvik Coromant can actually force the crystals in the coating to line up uniformly.

By optimizing their strength, the wear-resistant insert will provide customers with reliable production, less variance and longer insert tool life.

"Some might argue that it's counterproductive to offer a solution where our customers buy fewer inserts, but that's a defensive way of thinking," says Pålsson. "We are there for our customers. Helping them to succeed must always be our goal."

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