Remain relevant through change

We have a proven ability to develop new technologies and solutions in tune with our customers, enabling us to continue to adjust and benefit from long-term market trends.

  • We continue to advance in our core areas, building on and expanding our key competences within metal cutting, mining equipment and advanced materials.
  • To remain relevant for future business opportunities we grow our customer offering through acquisitions and partnerships to create new digital and technology solutions to be relevant to customers on a broader spectrum. This enables us to meet the commercial trends of the future which we see emerging and taking-off.

Expanding the customer offering

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Combining our core skills with new digital technologies enables new customer solutions

Grasping the opportunities of the future


Examples of future opportunities:

Closed-loop manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry customers increasingly look for seamless solutions for the total production cycle, from component design, production preparation and machining to quality verification – so-called closed-loop manufacturing. New digital solutions make us relevant for customers through-out the value chain.

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Development of new materials and production technologies

  • We develop cutting technologies as lighter, harder and more complex components are required by our customers. Each requires new advanced cutting technologies.
  • We have expanded our offering of Battery Electric Vehicles in underground mining through the recent acquisition of Artisan.


New technologies enable integrated working processes for increased efficiency and sustainability. Examples are:

  • Automation in the mining industry offers increased utilization of the equipment, improving productivity as well as sustainability. The productivity gains of an automated solution could be significant. Safety benefits related to automated vehicles being controlled from the surface, hence less people required in the mine.
  • Mining industry-specific digital solutions for predictive insights and real-time analytics to improve operator and equipment performance. Optimine® enables seamless process planning for efficient equipment utilization, including solutions for 3D mine visualizer, drill plan visualizer, scheduling, task management, location tracking and telemetry reporting.