Agile through cycle – strong financial performance

Our decentralized business model drives accountability and speed in operating decisions close to customers. We have well-prepared contingency planning that enable quick responses to changing market conditions and a continuous work to improve cost structures and operational efficiency.

Combined this will strengthen our resilience and help us achieve our target of an adjusted EBITA range of 20–22% through a business cycle.

Some examples as to why Sandvik’s financial performance has and will improve:

  • 3% annual productivity improvement (revenues / full-time employee) is an internal KPI introduced in 2016.
  • More than 30 production units closed since 2015 with continuous review of the manufacturing footprint.
  • Targeting improved management of net working capital, to reach ~25% of revenues long-term.
  • Increased adoption of value-based pricing.

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Significant EBIT and margin improvement

Ebit 202204.png

Targeting improved management of NWC

NWC 202204.png

Strengthened balance sheet

Netdebt 202204.png