The Power of Sandvik

Team spirit - one of the core values in the Power of Sandvik.

Sandvik works conscientiously in compliance with OECD's guidelines, among others, as an integral part of our internal guidelines in order to establish a sustainable professional behavior, globally throughout the Group. Work with our internal guidelines is a continuing process and it is the responsibility of every manager to ensure compliance.

Although Sandvik is a distinctively global company, most business is carried out locally in close cooperation with customers. A local presence and in-depth insight into local conditions is therefore a prerequisite for our way of working. It is the local employees who build the necessary and long-term relations.

Our global presence makes it necessary to have a strong unifying element between units and people in the Group. This is particularly important considering that about 14,000 employees became part of the Group during the past decade through acquisitions. The key question is: How to retain a shared corporate culture in such a multi-faceted organization?

Sandvik has more than a 140-year history. One of Sandvik's strengths is the Sandvik spirit and company culture which permeates the various parts of the organization. As Sandvik has become more and more internationalized, it has been an important task to keep this spirit alive and to spread it globally.

An employee of a company acquired by the Group must be able to feel and understand the Sandvik culture that has developed over such a long time. Concurrently, it is essential to be open to new experiences and ideas that come from the new companies that join the Sandvik family. It is a question of give and take.

Sandvik is among those companies that were able to safeguard its spirit and its shared values over a long period, even when the Group expanded globally at a rapid pace. There is a continuous and close exchange of ideas and knowledge among the employees of the Group.

Accordingly, in 2002 Sandvik invested substantial effort to distinctly formulate the core values that guide the Group. These are summarized in an internal document entitled "The Power of Sandvik" – a common platform for the Group's way of working. It contains an updated version of the company's vision, strategy, mission, goals, values and guidelines.

It is the responsibility of each manager to ensure that the guidelines are followed. Everyone who comes into contact with the Group should feel that all the employees share the same values. International customers that meet us in different markets must feel that they are dealing with the same company everywhere.

A never-ending process

"The Power of Sandvik" is part of our internal communications. It is an important and continuous effort and is included as a natural part of the Group's control and management process worldwide. The cornerstone is the core values: Open Mind, Fair Play and Team Spirit.

The accompanying texts provide insight into what these values mean for some Sandvik employees in various parts of the Group. No matter where they are located at various Sandvik units worldwide, they are all part of the same team. In the same strong global culture. And working towards the same goals.