Photos from the AGM

Outside Göransson arena.
A record number of shareholders gathered in the huge arena in Sandviken...

Entrance hall in Göransson arena. register for the Annual General Meeting. The entrance hall was decorated for the "Sandvik month of 150-years celebration".

Decorated foyer walls.
The foyer walls were decorated in commemoration of important events in the company and society since 1862.

AGM visitors eating dinner.
The AGM visitors were treated with dinner. Former employee Anita Westlund (to the right) together with daughter Irene Mattsson and grandson Viktor Westlund.

Music entertainment on stage.
Guests were entertained with music before the meeting began.

Olle Wijk handing out the Haglund medal to the winners.
The annual presentation of the Haglund-medal winners was made by Olle Wijk, head of R&D at Sandvik Materials Technology.
Product developers of the year were (from left) Bertil Waldén, Ivan
Machàček and Lars Östlund.

Olof Faxander at stage on AGM.
The President and CEO Olof Faxander seemed to enjoy his second AGM with Sandvik.

Anders Nyrén thanking resigning board members Egil Myklebust and Bo Westin.
Chairman of the Board Anders Nyrén thanked resigning board members Egil Myklebust and Bo Westin (employee representative).

Nils Bylund and Karin Rudling.
Retired employee and shareholder Nils Bylund together with daughter Karin Rudling as proxy defended their motion to the meeting, demanding a deceleration of structural changes. The proposal was rejected.

Jan Lissåker, Olof Faxander and Günther Mårder.
After the meeting Jan Lissåker (President of communications) and Olof Faxander (President and CEO) chatted with Günther Mårder, delegate of Swedish Shareholders' Association.

A delegate recieving a copy of the book "The Sandvik journey".
Upon leaving the delegates received a copy of the newly released anniversary book, The Sandvik Journey.