Employee engagement

To build an engaged workforce and provide a positive employee experience we recognize it is more important than ever to understand and act upon employee ideas, needs and concerns.

At Sandvik, we conduct an all employee engagement survey every second year including team performance dialogues in which actions based on the survey results are set. We use this process as we know how vital it is to ask the right questions, listen to the responses and discuss in our teams what actions need to be taken to meet our employees' needs.

For us, the employee engagement survey is a powerful business tool which supports us to identify organizational trends. We use the data to help leaders find improvement areas within Sandvik which will drive the business forward and make Sandvik an even greater place to work. The result of the 2018 survey was an engagement index of 76% (target 75%). The next survey will be run during 2020.

Within the next year we plan to move to a more responsive and agile way of measuring employee engagement. This will allow us to get feedback from our employees in a more continuous way, enabling us to make quicker decisions that positively impact our business.


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