Master thesis: Optimal refractory material for an induction melting furnace with steel melts of FeCrAl alloy grades

Sandvik's division Kanthal offers a thesis project in the field of development of metallurgical and materials processes at one of its established production sites. This thesis project aims is to improve the melting process of the production of specific powder grades by studying the melt-refractory relation. The position is placed in Hallstahammar, Sweden.

Background and scope of the project

Kanthal is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of heating technology products and services, primarily for generation, measurement and control of heat. One of the division's expertise areas is FeCrAl alloys (iron-chromium-aluminium alloys).

In Kanthal’s powder plant, FeCrAl alloys are the commonly produced steel grades. With alloys containing Al up to 6% the wear of the refractory material in the induction melting furnace is severe. This leads to the frequent refurbishing of the furnace resulting in capacity losses which in turn can give economic and environmental impacts.

The aim of this thesis project is to find a better suited refractory material than the one used today in order to improve the service life of the furnace lining.

Work description

The work will be both theoretical and practical. However, the direction can be decided in consultation between the student and the supervisor from Kanthal. If possible, there will be lab-scaled tests that might lead to production tests, dependent on the result of the lab tests.

This project is suited for a Master thesis. It will be done in collaboration with Kanthal’s production sites in Hallstahammar and Surahammar, Sweden,

Student background

We are looking for a student that is studying materials science engineering who has an interest in process development. As the work is about steel melts relation to refractory, some knowledge in this area is preferable.

We actively work to create a workplace that is characterized by diversity and inclusion.


The thesis project extent is 30 credits (weeks) and starts in January of 2020, or per agreement.


To apply or obtain more information about this Master thesis, please contact:

Ida Briland, phone: +46 (70) 616 70 62,

The selection is done continuously. Please send your application as soon as possible, 16 December 2019 at the latest.

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