Master thesis: Mechanical strength modeling of novel insert geometries

Sandvik Coromant in Sandviken, Sweden offers a thesis project in the area of mechanical strength modeling of insert geometries.

Sandvik Coromant, a division within the Sandvik Group, is a world-leading manufacturer of tools and tooling systems for industrial metal cutting. The offering also includes, for example, solutions for digital manufacturing and logistics as well as productivity improvement programs. Our customers are found in the metal processing, automotive and aircraft industries, and our aim is to meet the markets' more stringent demands for new precision products with great durability.

At Sandvik Coromant, we work with engineering the different components of metal cutting, and cutting geometry design is one of our core strengths. In this project, we would like to evaluate novel cutting geometries using modern simulation models. For you, who have gained knowledge in the field of solid mechanics, this work allows you to test your theoretical understandings in real life conditions.

Background and scope of the project

The main components of the machining process are cutting tool design, cutting parameters, cutting tool material, work piece material and cutting environment, such as application of coolants. Among these components, insert design can significantly influence the machining system and advances in this area can open new doors to sustainable manufacturing. Similarly, coolant strategy depends on several variables, making this a multivariable optimization challenge.

This work aims to develop a fundamental understanding of a new coolant strategy on insert strength from a solid mechanics perspective. The work involves setting up numerical models of novel insert geometries with coolant system and conducting simulations in this regard. The numerical models will be evaluated using experimental investigation at Sandvik Coromant’s test facility in Sandviken, Sweden.

Work description

The project consists of:

  • Literature review of cutting tool design, simulation, and machining process
  • Modeling of insert strength through finite element approach
  • Simulation of coolant systems in the machining process
  • Experimental investigation through cutting experiments
  • Documentation and presentation of results

Based on your interest, planning, and innovative thinking, the work can be modified without altering the end goal.

Student background

We are looking for someone studying Engineering mechanics at an advanced level with an interest in solid mechanics. Previous experience in working with simulation tools such as Ansys is highly sought after, with a good theoretical understanding of the underlying principles of numerical modeling. A genuine interest in the field of metal cutting would make the work fascinating for you.

At Sandvik Coromant, we believe that diversity of experience, perspective, and background leads to a better environment for our employees, our business, and our customers. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


The thesis project lasts 20 weeks, starting in January or February 2023. The location is Sandviken Sweden.


For more information about the thesis program or to apply, please contact:

Ashwin Devotta, Supervisor

Olof Larsson, Technology area manager Cooling Methods

Please send in your application as soon as possible, but no later than December 31, 2022, as selections are made on an ongoing basis.

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