Master thesis: Cooling strategy influence on temperature in exchangeable tip drill center

The position is filled and we do not accept more applications for this thesis project.

Sandvik Coromant in Sandviken, Sweden offers a master thesis project within the area of the development of metal-cutting tools.

This project should investigate how the heat in the center of an exchangeable tip drill (ETD) can be influenced by coolant strategies. In prolonging this heat can cause the tip to break. Also, the purpose of the project will be to create a temperature measurement method that is reliable.

Background and scope of the project

The background for this project is that it has been found that the machining cutting temperature can cause the tip to break. Now we need to validate this theory, learn where the limits are and thereafter we can increase productivity even more with better knowledge.

The primary objective is to find a reliable and accurate method for evaluating the temperature at the tip of the drill. The second objective is to enhance the productivity by evaluating different cooling methods. The means to achieve this is by verifying the heat at the tip of the drill when feed rates and cooling strategies are varied. The evaluation can be done with thermocouple inside of the workpiece material or inside of the ETD-tip during drilling of shallow holes. It can also be evaluated by measuring how much cutting fluid that is reaching the top of the tip during drilling. Another method that always is useful is measuring of cutting forces, both to see the lubrication from the coolant and because higher cutting temperature is reducing the cutting forces.

The work should include the following steps:

  • Design a minimum of three variants of cooling strategies based on the existing ETD assortment.
  • Examine different testing methods to measure heat in the cutting zone
  • Perform testing of prototypes - measure heat, cutting forces and analyze wear
  • If there is time: Use extracted temperatures from tests to analyze the temperature expansion of the workpiece material and the tip

Student background

Mechanical engineer with interests in production technology and product development.


The thesis project consists lasts 20 weeks, starting in the middle of March 2021.

Contact person

For more information about this thesis project, please contact:

Olof Larsson, phone: +46 70 616 73 09


The selection is done continuously. Please send us your application as soon as possible, but no later than February 28, 2020.

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