Bachelor or Master thesis: Aluminisation of ceramic products

Sandvik's division Kanthal offers a thesis project in the field of aluminisation of ceramic products in connection with assessment of new process equipment. The position is placed in Hallstahammar, Sweden.

Background and scope of the project

Kanthal is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of heating technology products and services, primarily for generation, measurement and control of heat. At the production unit in Hallstahammar ceramic heating elements are manufactured. In one of the process steps the terminals of the heating elements are coated in order to provide electrical contact between the terminal and the electrical supply. This process equipment needs replacement and the scope of the thesis is an assessment of possible methods to obtain electrical contact and/or types of coatings suitable for conduction.

The project aim is a more cost-efficient method, which is easier to handle, increases product quality, and/or can be automated to a higher degree than the current solution.

Work description

This thesis project will include literature review, potential trials in production and finalized by a written report. The work will assess various methods suitable for aluminisation of ceramic products, which will be input towards a technical specification for the chosen equipment. Potentially this work could also include production trials in the new equipment.

This thesis may be suitable for a Master’s degree project, which would include similar tasks as the Bachelor’s project, with the addition of planning and designing experiments for method verification, performing and evaluating the experiments, and finally supplying a cost calculation for the new production equipment.

The thesis work will be conducted at our Research and Development unit together with researchers, process and automation engineers as well as production technicians and operators.

Student background

We are looking for an engineering student with a profile in generic technology, automation, process technology, or similar. The pre-study is suitable for a Bachelor’s degree, conducted either by one or two students. Depending on the applicant’s study background and interests, this thesis work could be transformed into a Master’s degree project.

For this thesis project, high proficiency in written and oral Swedish is a requirement.

We actively work to create a workplace that is characterized by diversity and inclusion.


The thesis project lasts for 10 weeks and starts at the end of March 2020, or per agreement.


To apply or obtain more information about this thesis project, please contact:

Maria Ivermark, phone: 0220-21703

Madelen Mikkelsen, phone: 0220-21509

The selection is done continuously. Please send your application as soon as possible, 21 February 2020 at the latest.

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