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16 Aug 2018 , Global Graduate, Angélica González

“I see you” is one of the ways to greet in South Africa, it reflects the importance of acknowledging a person.

16 Feb 2018 , Global Graduate, Jason Cappiello

While I am still getting used to writing "2018" in my reports, we recently had an opportunity to touch base with the other Global Graduates to connect and reflect on where we are in the world.

11 Dec 2017 , Global Graduate, Pakama Tsabedze

It's been a while since my last blog and I am thrilled to bring you the first of a three-part series featuring stories of African women working for Sandvik. Mahashane Myakayaka, the legal counsel for Sandvik Africa, is one of the precious jewels from the mining town of Phalaborwa, South Africa, and having embarked on an illustrious career spanning the African continent, her journey has led her back to her mining roots. Mahashane's childhood provides a fascinating account of an industrious and hardworking woman who is well poised to deliver on her passion for driving equality at Sandvik.

18 Oct 2017 , R & D, Johan Ekengård

I thought I´d share some of my experiences of taking active part in being on parental leave in Sweden. With one of the worlds most generous parental leave offerings, men at Sandvik in Sweden could definitely set the industry standard when it comes to parenting.

29 Sep 2017 , Sales, Muzaffer Bayazitoglu

The Power Of Sandvik: Driven by customers' challenges, we make industrial processes more efficient, profitable and safer.

2 Aug 2017 , Sales, Muzaffer Bayazitoglu

Do you know how Sandvik is invoved in different parts of our daily life ? Actually quite in many different ways.

11 Jul 2017 , R & D, Johan Ekengård

Showing the way for future engineers

6 Jan 2017 , Global Graduate, Pakama Tsabedze

Happy New Year! Let me take a moment during my latest assignment (changing the world in 4 months) back in Sandvik South Africa to share some magical lessons from our learning modules. The learning modules are an oasis in the 18 month programme, normally 2 weeks long in-between the three individual rotations, where all the graduates gather in one location for learning and reflection. Cue meditation poses, beautiful sunsets and tranquil music. Not quite.:) It’s mainly engaging and challenging discussions with amazing Sandvik leaders and between ourselves. Call me crazy but I don’t think you’ve truly engaged with a leadership programme until you start to hear and talk to yourself.

28 Nov 2016 , Global Graduate, Jason Cappiello

Stepping outside the box has always been a refreshing way of seeing the same thing differently. I'll reflect on some of my interaction traveling which celebrate diversity and encourage thinking outside the box.

9 Sep 2016 , Global Graduate, Pakama Tsabedze

Tjena! My second training period on the Sandvik Global Trainee Programme is against a backdrop of green forest and endless blue skies in the beautiful Swedish town of Fagersta, also known as the Steelcity. I mean no disrespect to the town's rich ironworks heritage and global steel companies, but I think this place should seriously consider changing its name to Cloud-town – I mean don't they just steal the show in every picture? Or is it only in the quiet town Fagersta that I stopped long enough to see the clouds.

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