Product Master - Underground Drills & Bolters

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United States of America
Elko, Nevada
Job category:
Sales and Product Service
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Job Purpose

  • Responsible for complex assignments, demonstrating leadership as the subject matter expert, using an understanding of concepts and principles in the area of expertise.
  • Work closely with customer using an expert understanding of customer needs to act as a trusted advisor and determine the appropriate solution.
  • To be the division technical contact person – with two-way communication. (To Sales Area and to EQ Product Line/factory.)
  • Collaborate with Level 6 Application Specialists within the Sales Area.
  • Ensure frontline readiness for new technologies and new product introductions (parts, resources, training) and be proactive with an operational readiness plan.

Main Responsibilities


  • Conduct highly specialized installations, repairs and inspections of various products and equipment at customer site or own premises.
  • Determine the best approach, considering energy efficiency, environmental impact and maintenance costs when providing customer support.
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting for highly complex situations and provide technical feedback on issues. (CPI = Product Issues Feedback). Second line support.
  • Work proactively to develop new solutions to prevent recurring problems:
    • Transfer knowledge and use it to solve new and highly complex problems.
    • Collect technical information and add to database.
    • Complete analysis of failed product and report on anything out of the ordinary to the relevant party (e.g., Product Support and Service Technician).
    • Recommend and/or develop product or process changes to improve system performance, or to better meet customer or other user needs.
  • Organize corrective campaigns and follow-up on completion in the Sales Areas.
  • Conduct and support warranty investigations.
  • Upon request provide application advice to sales and review operating cost proposals.


  • Interpret control system data and upgrade software.
  • Provide expert input into project specifications, cost and material estimates, project schedules, reports, contacts, or tender documents.
  • Report and document results of activities and findings.
  • Make recommendations based on reports to better serve the customer and to improve processes.
  • Perform adjustments of systems for client equipment.
  • Conduct product launch and testing for client commissioning services.


  • Act as a subject matter expert and go-to person in area of expertise and provide advice and guidance to clients and colleagues.
  • Build and maintain customer relationships and act as a trusted advisor in partnering with the customer to determine solutions.
  • Support the customer’s product/application/processes/competency/mining conditions by advising on possible improvements to more advanced solutions and products.
  • Produce positive results in sales-client interventions.
  • Use deep knowledge of the tasks, tools and procedures associated with providing technical support to the sales team and customers.
  • Product Operational Readiness – this is the package for the customer that de- risks them in changing out a competitor fleet to Sandvik.


  • Active member of global Expert Networks.
  • Coordinates information and knowledge between Equipment divisions and Sales Areas:
  • Technical training courses/seminars.
  • New product training/coaching (assure course content translations are
  • correct).
  • Lead and co-ordinate equipment division workshops and seminars.
  • Collect technical feedback and provide feedback to EQ Division product line.
  • Collaborate with Parts & Services division and take technical responsibility toward training interventions in relevant Sales Area. (i.e., manuals, toolkits and implementation of plans and schedules.)
  • Functions as second line support between Parts & Services, Equipment Divisions and Sales Areas and Technical and Application Specialists.
  • Takes technical and application ownership of market releases of new products and new product versions, ramp down of old products.
  • Aftermarket support to Equipment divisions and Sales Areas.
  • Project Operational Readiness support for large projects.


  • Guide, coach and train colleagues in application processes, equipment and client facing behaviors:
    • Transfer knowledge to other service technicians to build the capability and knowledge of the team.
  • Deliver high-level technical and application training to colleagues and refined content training to customers/operators.
  • Provide project/technical leadership to a group of service technicians.
  • Support Research/Development in technical details during the New Product Development (NPD) process.


  • Make improvements to create a safer working environment.
  • Participate in safety issue reviews and investigations.
  • Implements product safety and service bulletins.
  • Prepare and execute all activities in line with SHEQ rules, regulations, procedures, instructions, guidelines and promote awareness, including highlighting any anomalies as appropriate.


  • Field - Any environment (Location Customer Sites/Workshops)
  • Willing to travel globally

Experience and Education

  • >8 years Sandvik Equipment Experience
  • Advanced coaching/trainer (including knowledge transfer between factory and Sales area) experience
  • Engineering/Technical qualification (degree/diploma)
  • Relevant Trade Certification/equivalent
  • Level 5 Knowledge Assessments w.r.t Reliability Engineering per Equipment Division = 80%
  • Sandvik On-the-Job Skills Coaching Program – minimum of 5 sessions recorded


Expert Equipment knowledge and skills in at least one equipment type (automation a pre-requisite):

  • Load & Haul
  • Drilling and Rigging
  • Rock Drill Technologies
  • Automation and/or
  • Rock Drills
  • i-SERIES (expert skills and knowledge) Decentralized Automation – Bus Technology, Control Systems, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrics


Job Fit Score >5

Proficiency Level: Expert

  • Driving Success
  • Communication (verbal and Writing)
  • Investigating issues (Practically minded, Learning orientated, insightful)
  • Coaching Skills
  • Self-Awareness + Emotional Intelligence
  • Facilitating
  • Building Successful Teams
  • Consulting
  • Collaboration
  • Product and Service Delivery
  • New Product and Markets focus
  • Evaluate Problems
  • Processing Details
  • Structuring Tasks
  • Assessed Rating Description
  • (L) Limited – little or no competency required for the job. Has the fundamental knowledge but requires an increase in skills
  • (B) Basic – has enough knowledge to complete routine tasks. Has basic knowledge and proven basic skills
  • (P) Proficient – Needs little guidance or supervision. Has good knowledge and proven proficient skills
  • (A) Advanced – Has highly developed knowledge, understanding and application of the competency. Has advanced knowledge and proven advanced skills
  • (E) Expert – recognized by others as an expert in the competency. Has expert knowledge and proven expert skills. Can transfer and apply advanced knowledge and advanced skills


  • Proficient in English, both written and oral.
  • Proficient in relevant computer software and IT systems.
  • Advanced technical report writing.
  • Advanced in digitalized systems relevant to equipment.
  • Proficient equipment operator.
  • Advanced knowledge of the mining environment and application of equipment.

Deadline: Not set
Job-ID: R0045230

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