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  • Deadline: 31 Oct
  • Country: Germany
  • Location: Aachen
  • Job-ID: R0017866
  • Job category: Research & Development
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Master Thesis

at Sandvik Coromant, Digital Machining Aachen

Development of a machine interface simulator with interchangeable plug-in module and extended configuration support

Topic of the Thesis:

Real time industrial network systems are already standard in most manufacturing plants allowing enhanced communication between the diverse components involved in the production chain. Sandvik Digital Machining Aachen as a provider of monitoring solutions for those production chains, requires a highly accurate way to simulate the most common fieldbus and industrial ethernet technologies in the market. The machine interface simulator is a crucial component to ensure already in early development stages that the high-quality standards of the monitoring systems are meet before deploying the system in the customer manufacturing plant, reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction. The developed fieldbus simulator must provide the possibility to reproduce the machine environment based on configurable setup accessible from a User Interface (UI) and allow full control on the system. A serial interface to an interchangeable plug-in module must be implemented for enabling the multiple fieldbus and industrial Ethernet embedded devices such as Profibus, Profinet, CC-Link and EtherNet/IP.

Development tasks:

  • Development of main application for the machine interface simulator
  • Implementation of the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to the HMS CompactCom modules
  • Implementation of the UI for system configuration
  • In-line documentation on every software module
  • Version control using Git


  • Object oriented programming C++, Qt, QML and experience with Raspberry Pi (Option1 using Raspberry Pi)
  • Programming with C, Experience Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers and MPLABx (Option2 using CoroPlus® CompactMonitor hardware)
  • Knowledge on SPI
  • Knowledge on Network Technology
  • Student needs to organize the supervision by a professor at the university (of applied science)
  • Presence at our site (Aachen)

Contact for further questions:
HR Services Düsseldorf:

Tel.: +49 211 5027 443;

Digital Machining Aachen is part of the Sandvik Coromant division of the internationally active Sandvik Group. We focus on the production of monitoring systems for tools, processes and machine components on NC machine tools. The Digital Machining team, based in Sandviken, Stockholm, Aachen and Trondheim, combines solutions for digital manufacturing in the fields of "Design & Planning" and "Machining" under the brand CoroPlus®. Sandvik Coromant has approximately 7,900 employees and is represented in 150 countries worldwide. Our customers include companies from the automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace and tool and mould making industries.

Deadline: 31 Oct
Job-ID: R0017866

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