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  • Deadline: 30 Nov
  • Country: Germany
  • Location: Aachen
  • Job-ID: R0017865
  • Job category: Research & Development
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Master Thesis

at Sandvik Coromant, Digital Machining Aachen

Performance Plugins for QML for the next generation ProcessControl

Topic of the Thesis:

Digital Machining Aachen is currently developing CoroPlus® ProcessControl, a monitoring tool for steel cutting and milling cyber-physical production systems. Where feasible, the tool is powered by the Qt Framework; in the domain of headless real-time computing (RT) as well as human-machine interfacing (HMI). Researching and developing the next generation of the monitoring tool will start in 2020. To push the tool to the edge of technology, many concepts must be innovated and proofed.

The code base of the next generation must clearly be separated into backend, mainly programmed in Qt/C++, as well as frontend, programmed with the QML markup language. But, the pure QML usage, where often application logic is implemented within JavaScript engine, it not sufficient for ProcessControl. Both, the performance of data and event visualization as well as particular views presenting enterprise levels data listening and graphs must be realized using Qt/C++ Programming language and plugin into the QML engine.

There is this PC motivation video, beside many other innovation sources, you can see a signal curve that scales automatically, an alarm like a heartbeat comes into the picture. We want to go there!


The development is done based on C++ powered by the Qt Framework. The technical goal is to provide concepts and proof of these concepts of how-to plugin high-performance and high-quality data visualization. The challenge is the integration of time-critical calculations and user interaction, as well as the integrations of backend, providing the data, and frontend, presenting it.

User stories to fulfill:

  • Getting into Qt, the common code base and domain
  • Programming all-in application as container for proofs-of-concepts
  • Identify and categorize problems. For instance, progress-animations, event animations, etc.
  • Develop plugins, one representing each category
  • Finalize a pull request bringing all essentials of the thesis into the mainline. Doing this, the definition of done is fulfilled.


  • Computer Science, B. Sc., with focus on embedded software or HMI
  • Empathy and understanding of design patterns and HMI are useful
  • General workday availability to embed into our SCRUM process (in person), our tools mainly QtCreator and versioning with GIT in combination with Azure DevOps

Contact for further questions:
HR Services Düsseldorf:

Tel.: +49 211 5027 443;

Digital Machining Aachen is part of the Sandvik Coromant division of the internationally active Sandvik Group. We focus on the production of monitoring systems for tools, processes and machine components on NC machine tools.

The Digital Machining team, based in Sandviken, Stockholm, Aachen and Trondheim, combines solutions for digital manufacturing in the fields of "Design & Planning" and "Machining" under the brand CoroPlus®. Sandvik Coromant has approximately 7,900 employees and is represented in 150 countries worldwide. Our customers include companies from the automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace and tool and mould making industries.

Deadline: 30 Nov
Job-ID: R0017865

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