Employee surveys

To build an engaged workforce and provide a positive employee experience we recognize it is more important than ever to understand and act upon employee ideas, needs and concerns.

SEmp survey

Our all-employee SEmp survey is a process focusing on employee engagement and the employee experience in Sandvik. The process includes both the survey and a team performance dialogue where actions from the survey results and the dialogue are set.

78% : Employee engagement index

Employee engagement index

In the 2022 survey, the Sandvik Employee Engagement Index showed a score of 78 percent.

Quarterly pulse survey

In Q1 2021, Sandvik launched its first quarterly pulse (QPulse) survey. The purpose is to measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels more frequently.

In combination with our all-employee SEmp survey, the QPulse survey will give us both deep and real-time insights for our future improvements in employee experience and satisfaction.

Examples of actions taken based on survey results

Several actions have been taken in different parts of our organization, depending on the survey results for each unit or department. Examples are:

  • Implementation of a workshop called Balance Journey to reduce an increasing level of stress in some departments.
  • Regular Q&A meetings with senior managers to encourage employees to engage in two-way communication.
  • D&I webinars to increase the understanding of how teams benefit from inclusion, for example when it comes to innovation.