Innovation and productivity

We focus on solutions that boost productivity, enable enhanced energy efficiency, improve the utilization of resources and increase health and safety. Maximizing the use of recycled material is also an important area.

We have a strong commitment to our customers, collaborating with them to define and develop solutions that correspond to their current and future needs.

Ongoing partnerships with a number of universities and research institutes are vital to ensure efficient R&D operations. This enables flexible access to expert knowledge in selected technologies and fundamental research in such fields as material science and thermodynamic modeling, while also reducing our cost base.

Jarkko Ruokojärvi at the glass labyrinth.

“Working with the latest technology to solve challenges that no one has ever really solved before, that keeps us interested and motivated to work at Sandvik.”

Glass labyrinth

Sandvik’s automated loaders and trucks have been working in real mines for over 20 years with zero accidents involving people.

The new turning method PrimeTurning™ is an innovation with potential to redefine the art of turning completely.

Team awarded the “Wilhelm Haglund Medal to the Product Developer of the Year” for the development of materials that can cope with extremely high temperatures.