Environmental impact

Environmental considerations are critical in product and process development. To the greatest extent possible, our products should contribute to a reduction in the environmental impact of customer processes, and also be recyclable.

Many of Sandvik's products and technical solutions are designed to provide a long service life and better resource utilization and actively contribute to a better environment for customers and end users around the world. The demand for these products is affected positively by increased demand for energy savings and lower emissions.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to evaluate a product's environmental impact throughout its life cycle has been conducted within business area Sandvik Materials Technology more frequently since 2012. The aim of Sandvik Materials Technology is to have LCA data available for the most important steel grades in the business area's product portfolio. This data will help evaluate the actual environmental savings by customers for strategic applications; the findings are available to interested customers.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners in China

The number of households in China equipped with air conditioner is rapidly increasing and so is the energy used to run them. We have a solution that could reduce Chinese CO2 emissions by up to 225 million tonnes annually.
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