Materiality analysis

The Group Executive Management conducts a materiality analysis on a regular basis. The current materiality analysis, valid for 2013–2016, gives us a strategic direction and focus for our sustainability work.

The starting point comprises various sustainability topics considered relevant for the Group, deriving from international frameworks and institutions such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the UN Global Compact as well as from media, global trends and from dialogs with our stakeholders, in addition to our own assessment of relevant areas.

Our priorities 2013-2016


Compliance includes four areas: anti-corruption compliance, competition law, trade compliance and data protection. The main purpose is to ensure a well-functioning structure with control over Sandvik's international business and to manage compliance risks.

Sustainable supplier management

A sustainable supply chain and strong supplier relationships are central to Sandvik’s commitment to provide customers with the best and most innovative offerings.

Use, reuse and recycling of materials and natural resources

Comprehensive recycling programs are underway in all parts of the Group. The global raw material shortage is an impediment for a successful business. Recycling results in less virgin raw material used, lower energy consumption and reduced emissions, acidifying substances and waste water discharge, in addition to less waste. Factors important to Sandvik, the Group's customers and society at large.

Energy, emissions and climate change

Climate change affects Sandvik and we need to mitigate this risk. In addition, a high degree of energy efficiency increases the value of the energy source, resulting in lower costs and emissions, both for Sandvik and its customers.

Health and safety

Maintaining a safe work environment will always be a top priority, out of respect for both Sandvik's employees and customers. The Group's performance is meeting growing expectations from its customers and other stakeholders. Health and safety is a significant competitive advantage to Sandvik.

Diversity and inclusion

Sandvik's view is that diverse teams are more effective, more likely to think and act outside the box and contribute to greater creativity and innovation. Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of a modern society and, for Sandvik, a strong competitive advantage. Having the right mix of people, reflecting Sandvik's markets, will support the business and our ambition to meet the needs of global and local customers.

Talent attraction, development and retention

Sandvik must ensure that it has the right people in the right positions. In order to retain the Group's market-leading position in a challenging market, a high-performing culture is important.