5. Anti-corruption and competition law

Sandvik is committed to conducting business with high ethical integrity.We have zero tolerance of corruption, including bribery, conflicts of interest, fraud, embezzlement, unlawful kickbacks, extortion and nepotism/cronyism, and we work actively to combat corruption.We also respect competition laws which prohibit anti-competitive agreements and abuse of market power.

Suppliers shall:

5.1 Anti corruption

Comply with local laws and international anti-corruption conventions and shall not engage in, or cause Sandvik to engage in, any form of corrupt practices.

Not make any illegal contribution, directly or indirectly, to any third parties or public officials.

Establish processes to prevent corruption, for example, by implementing an anti-corruption policy and by providing relevant training totheir staff.

Avoid all direct potential conflict of interest while engaged with Sandvik.

Be aware that no Sandvik employee may offer or provide, directly or indirectly, any undue advantage to the supplier in exchange for personal gain of any kind.

Be aware that Sandvik will not accept any benefit intended for a Sandvik employee to facilitate the supplier's business with Sandvik.

5.2 Competition law

Respect and comply with applicable competition laws and regulations, and establish systems to prevent competition law infringements, such as price fixing, market sharing or bid rigging, for example, by implementing a competition law policy and by providing adequate competition law compliance training to their staff.