4. Environment

Protecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development is of great importance to Sandvik. Suppliers shall actively strive to increase the positive and limit the negative impact of their operations and supply chain on the environment and society by establishing environmental plans that are focused on critical impacts on the environment. The scope of these environmental plans must be appropriate in relation to the nature of the supplier business and risks related to the business.

Suppliers shall:

4.1 Environmental risk management

Establish, implement and maintain a risk-based program to reduce or minimize any negative environmental impact from their activities, products and services.

4.2 Precautionay measures and environmentally friendly techniques

Take precautionary measures as soon as there is reason to believe that an action could harm the environment or human health, and strive to develop and support environmentally friendly techniques in their products, processes, designs and material selection.

4.3 Polluter pays principle

Pay the social and economic costs that arise from a supplier entity that causes damage tothe environment.

4.4 Program on environmental responsibility

Actively work with, and provide information and documentation pertaining to the following areas:

  • Chemical and hazardous material management
  • Waste management
  • Emissions to air, water and soil
  • Energy management
  • Water consumption
  • Transport and travel

Supplier-specific requirements and targets related to environmental performance maybe defined in commercial agreements.