2. Health and safety

"Safety First" is a fundamental operating principle at Sandvik. Suppliers shall provide a safe and healthy working environment and take all practicable steps to prevent incidents and injuries.

Suppliers must have an adequate, risk-based health and safety program, including, for example, a health and safety policy, relevant instructions and training that is understandable to all employees.

The scope of the health and safety program must be appropriate in relation to the nature of the business and risks related to the business.

The program must include, at minimum, the following activities:

Suppliers shall:

2.1 Fire safety

Ensure that all work premises are regularly checked in order to maintain fire safety on an everyday basis. Ensure that functioning fire alarms, adequate firefighting equipment, clearly marked and accessible evacuation routes and emergency exits are maintained based on the size of the facility, the extent and nature of the activities performed,as well as the potential risk of injury and fire. Ensure that fire and evacuation drills are carried out regularly.

2.2 Health and safety

Identify and assess health and safety risks, and minimize their impact, by implementing emergency plans and response procedures. Ensure that all employees are protected from exposure to potential health and safety hazards. Ensure that hazard identification, risk assessment and determination of necessary control measures are in place. Ensure that relevant and functioning personal protective equipment is provided, free of charge, to all employees.

2.3 Workplace conditions

Ensure that the work premises are clean, well lit, adequately ventilated and kept at acceptable temperatures and noise levels. Provide free access to clean drinking water, hygienic toilets and clean areas to eat meals.

2.4 Residental facilities

If accommodation is provided, ensure that each employee have the right to his/her own bed. Provide separate sleeping areas, toilets and showers for men and women. Ensure that all requirements as listed under 2.1 are met for accommodation and canteens.