1. Legal compliance

Ensuring awareness of, and compliance with, relevant legal requirements is the baseline for complying with The Supplier Code. We expect our suppliers to be updated on, and comply with, applicable international regulations and conventions, as well as regional and national legislation.

Suppliers shall:

1.1 Comply with relevant legislation regarding human rights, labor rights, working conditions, health and safety, environment, tax and anti-corruption practices, as well as the requirements set out in this document, and obtain all legally required permits, licenses and registrations.

1.2 In cases where local laws or regulations providea stronger protection than the requirements inThe Supplier Code, allow such local laws or regulations to prevail.

1.3 Be aware of whether any domestic regulation or its enforcement is in conflict with international human rights standards, and strive to honor the spirit of universally recognized human rights.

1.4 Be able to demonstrate their compliance with local legal requirements upon request.