Health and safety

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is always a first priority. We operate in heavy industry, where the work environment can hold several potential risk elements. It is vital that all employees are aware of hazards and potential risks and that there is sufficient knowledge and ambition to always do the job with safety in mind.

We aim to consistently improve our safety culture. Accordingly, we have introduced a structured approach through which we exercise effective control by means of our EHS management systems (Environment, Health and Safety), which set clear requirements for the Group.

All occupational health and safety activities are based on Sandvik’s overall EHS Policy. Our EHS management system includes our overall requirements and is specified in different standards, setting performance requirements within the EHS field.

Workplace safety at our customers

The demand for higher workplace safety is continuously increasing. Mining and rock excavation are examples of industries where we work closely with our customers to develop products and solutions contributing to safer work environments.

One of the most important technologies for safer mining is automation. With AutoMine™ mining automation system, operators are able to manage processes and communicate with surface and underground equipment from the safety of their surface control room.

AutoMine™ is developed in cooperation with major mining companies and has evolved into a complete automation offering for surface and underground mines. Today, AutoMine™ has transformed mining practices in operations around the globe and is saving lives every day.

Read more about AutoMine™ mining automation system at our website for mining and rock excavation equipment and tools

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Safety in mining

Mining is one of the most hazardous industries in the world. Even though new technology and safety programs have improved the situation considerably, it is estimated that about 10,000 people (out of 10 million in the mining industry) may die every year from roof falls, explosions, fires, flooding and other underground and surface accidents.

Automation is one of the most important technologies in the journey towards safe mining. It is about removing people from hazardous areas to a safer environment. Fewer people in the production area mean less risk taken. Meanwhile, the ore bodies can be effectively utilized, thereby minimizing potential loss.