We champion people

We operate in heavy industry, where the work environment can hold several potential risk elements. Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is always the first priority.

We aspire to the highest standards for people and will continue to raise these standards in line with our goal of zero harm.

Making progress

  • We are rolling out health and well-being programs to all employees.
  • In 2020, we put extra focus on the psychological health of employees as remote work increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • At Sandvik Coromant, all managers have been offered safety training and we have become more proactive in investigating hazards.

Reduction of TRIFR

We need to reduce our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) to 2.3 by 2030 to achieve a 50 percent reduction. The graph shows the reduction of TRIFR for 2016–2020.

009c.svgIn 2020, 133 injuries were recorded and the TRIFR was reduced to 3.2, the lowest outcomes ever for Sandvik. Regrettably, two fatalities were reported, the first since 2015.

The dotted line is an indication of how well we are in line with the 2030 targets, meaning we exceeded the 2020 requirements to achieve the target. The target is adjusted for structural changes.

Women in managerial positions

Our target is to increase the share of women in managerial positions to one third by 2030. The graph shows the increase in women in managerial positions for 2016–2020.

009d.svgIn 2020, the share of female managers increased to a new top level, 18.5 percent. The dotted line is an indication of how well we are in line with the 2030 targets, meaning we are below the requirements to achieve the target. We have a plan in place to accelerate the increase of female managers in the years to come, which is necessary to achieve the 2030 goal.

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Find out more about our progress

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