We operate in heavy industry, where the work environment can hold several potential risk elements. Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is always a first priority.


We aspire to the highest standards for people and we will keep stepping these standards up higher and higher. Our goal is Zero Harm.

Our goal:

Zero harm to people



  • Health and safety improvements part of all product development projects
  • Health and safety/risk analyses with all products and services


  • Halve Total Recorded Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) and occupational illnesses
  • All Sandvik employees to be offered health and well-being programs


  • Require health and safety improvements plan to reach Sandvik standards from key suppliers

We have five enablers to reach our goals and targets.

How we progress

Total recordable injury frequency rate


Examples of how we champion people

Mining automation 880x480.jpg

Safer mining
Automation is one of the most important technologies in the journey towards safe mining. It is about removing people from hazardous areas to a safer environment. Fewer people in the production area mean less risk taken.

Read more about mining automation on

More examples
Here are more examples of actions and products contributing to reaching our people goal.

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