Sandvik DD422iE™ drill rig is one example of electric equipment reducing the environmental impacts of drilling and tunneling operations.


We will deliver on our commitments to reduce impact on the climate. We are aiming to shift mindsets and outcomes in our own business, for our customers and with our suppliers to help reach our targets.

Our goal:

Halve the CO2 impact



  • CO2 improvement part of all product development projects
  • Value proposition to our customers shall always include verified CO2 reduction potential


  • Halve the CO2 foot print from our own production
  • Halve the CO2 foot print for transportation of people and products


  • Require halving of CO2 foot print from our key suppliers

We have five enablers to reach our goals and targets.

How we progress

CO2 emissions


Examples of how we shift climate

Lower emissions from internal vehicles
Using vehicles powered by fossil-free electricity or biofuel HVO (Hydrated Vegetable Oil) at the works area in Sandviken, Sweden reduces our carbon dioxide emissions from internal transport significantly.

More examples
Here are more examples of actions and products contributing to reaching our climate goal.

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Compressor valve steel from Sandvik is helping reduce energy consumption one appliance at time.

As a project for engineering students at the school, solar panels were installed at the Göranssonska Technical High School in Sandviken, Sweden.

Companies around the world are looking for opportunities to operate independently of the energy grid by generating renewable energy themselves.

Hydrogen fuel cells are powering a cleaner future. Advanced production and coating technology from Sandvik make the fuel cell plates more durable and efficient compared with other methods of production.

Advanced analytical cognitive data processing offers mining customers a more complete view of their operations.

Other sustainability goals