Our recycling processes significantly reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and produce less waste.


We will drive the shift to more circular business models and use of resources, finding ways to close loops and generate new revenue streams from the processes and materials we use.

Our goal:

More than 90% circular



  • Material and resource efficiency improvement part of all development projects
  • Develop business models for recycling/circularity for our customers


  • Our products, including packaging material, shall have at least 90% material circularity
  • Halve waste in our production processes


  • Require 90% circularity for key suppliers

We have five enablers to reach our goals and targets.

How we progress



Examples of how we build circularity

Recycling of tools
We convert used cemented-carbide tools back into basic raw materials. Watch the video to learn about the process:

Read more about the recycling of tools

More examples
Here are more examples of actions and products contributing to reaching our circularity goal.

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